Join us on an extraordinary journey through the whimsical town of Slan with "Cash Mania" – the latest jewel in PG Soft’s gaming universe. Follow the remarkable tale of Derrick, a once-humble villager transformed into an elite figure, all thanks to the discovery of a mystical green diamond during a fateful expedition.

In this groundbreaking game, seize the opportunity to interact with the extraordinary ATM, where every transaction becomes a key to unlocking unforeseen riches. "Cash Mania" not only guarantees visually stunning graphics but also envelops players in the enchanting charm of Slan. Elevate your gaming experience with a spellbinding soundtrack, meticulously crafted to plunge you into the magical ambiance of Slan. Let the music intensify your anticipation as you unveil the hidden wealth within the town.

Cash Mania is a 3-reel, 1-row video slot featuring win multipliers up to x100. Win big when there are symbols in the middle reel and there are matching symbols in the leftmost and the rightmost reel. Plus, the multiple features will let you experience a cash mania excitement like no other!

Will hidden surprises unveil themselves in your favor? Let’s find it out in “Cash Mania”!

This game platform supports iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Web HTML5.